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Every human being is individual. Therefore, we treat every person with respect. We are willing to learn and open to wishes, criticism and praise. Through the tradition of the house with the memory of our roots, we let the family atmosphere live on, which distinguishes our house. We want to give you a feeling of well-being, so that you like to remember the stay in our hotel.


From the Cafè

to the Hotel

More than 45 years ago, on December 26, 1969, my parents Irene and Josef Schrod opened the "Cafe Waldeck" in Kist on the edge of the Guttenberger forest. Initially, in addition to the sale of coffee and homemade cakes, as well as Franconian delicacies and pension guests were welcomed in Cafe Waldeck.

The house became too small with time for the strong popularity of overnight guests. So in 1976 my father also built the "House Irene", which he dedicated to my mother.

At the end of 1987 the last cake was served in the "Cafe Waldeck" and my parents concentrated exclusively on their guests.

On 16.07.1999 a completely new building was built.

On 01.01.2011 I took over the pension alone.

Since August 2012 I can call my house "Hotel Waldeck". Additionally, it was awarded 2 stars + superior.

Since 2014 my son Marcel Stumpf has been assistant to the management in my company. Also, we are still actively supported by my parents and my two daughters Sandra and Janine.

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